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[The only readily available recording of Kurloz's voice before he lost his tongue and damaged his vocal cords is that of his voicemail message. His voice is soft, silken, and seductive, laced with a thick Haitian accent - thick as his father's - and seems to have a power within it, as if he was able to create a spell within his tone alone to send chills into someone, and warmth into their core.]
Mwen menm mwen pa disponib, kite yon mesaj, motherfucker. Ay yo, thou hast not got to me at a good time, leave a motherfuckin' wicked message so that my ears get graced all with your voice and words. No trippin'.
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He spent about an hour just buying up every thumb drive he could find in town, and a high quality microphone, and once he got back to the house, and up to his room, he started up the computer and set to work.

Once everything was properly configured and working properly, his first recording was to his brother.

It was in Haitian, but for the sake of narrative, it said this:

"My baby brother, you are the blood in my veins and the lightness of my every footstep. You are my laughter and joy, and you know that nothing comes before you in my mind. I know you know you've been under a spell for five years. I know you can feel it, and that your Loas have told you. 

Know that I love you now, and love you forever. Whoever you are under the veil of this spell is just as much my brother as the brother we all see and are proud of. I am proud, too, of the person you are beneath it. Nothing will change that. 

I have long wanted to release you. But the spell said it would only be undone with my voice, spoken by my lips and tongue. Consequently, I never thought this day would come that I would finally be able to take off this spell upon you.

You are free. The words I must speak are Go deeply in Bondye's grace. It is said. And so it shall be done.

I am so extraordinarily proud of you. Of the man that you are. Of the man you have become. And I am proud of the man you will be, free to choose your path now without my tampering. 

Sweet brother, my Guillermo. I will love you always. Come home soon, share your evershining light with us. Burn us up with that blistering warmth you always have."

He stopped the recording, and reached for a tissue, dabbing his eyes. His throat felt raw and full, and he'd struggled to maintain composure through his speech. He swallowed down the lump in his throat with a drink of water, and took a deep breath.

He listened to the recording once, nodded to it, felt the energy of the words he'd imparted, and saved it to the thumb drive, then sent the file through the email to his brother, with the simple explanation.

Papa graced me with speech for one day only, and the very first thought I had was of you. 
Much love,

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With the first kiss his mouth will taste of wormwood. )

He dozed, arms exausted, hair damp from the sweat of the summer heat and the work he put into things, a clove cigarette unlit perched between his unstitched lips.


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